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Lee Blanchflower. A Commercial Photographer in Norwich

Blanc Creative – Commercial Photography, Video and Podcast Production

The face behind the Blanc Creative Commercial Photography brand

Lee Blancflower, a commercial Photographer in Norwich and owner of Blanc Creative, who specialise in commercial photography and video production

Lee Blanchflower is an award winning full time commercial photographer, based in the heart of Norfolk. You’ll often find Lee and his team working up and down the country, in and out of areas including Wales, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Kent and of course, London.

In a career, that spans thirteen years, Lee has built the Blanc Creative brand from what was purely a Commercial Photography business, into a brand that delivers a full service of Digital content including Creative Video Production, Drone Filming, Drone Photography and Podcast Production for Commercial Clients.

But what sets Blanc Creative apart from many other businesses, is that they specialise solely on business and commercial clients. That’s right. You won’t find them shooting weddings, baby portraits or pet photography. Shooting as a Commercial Photographer, is a specialism, and the Blanc team excel in what they do.

Commercial Lee Blanchflower, is a Norwich freelance Photographer , Video Production er and Podcast Production specialist. He owns Blanc Creative

A Little Slice of History. Lee wasn’t always a Commercial Photographer

Lee cut his teeth as a Photographer in a previous life in Law and Order. In a career as a Police Sergeant with Norfolk Constabulary, Lee worked on the Police Support Unit, working as an evidence gatherer, documenting disorder and criminal activities as party of a team of specially trained officers deployed during hostile situations.

It was during this time, that he really fell in love with cameras and realised, he had a natural eye for composition and being able to work a camera under pressure. Photography became an obsession.

He took a career break for 18 months. Over the next year, Lee won the 2013 SWPP Travel Photographer of the Year Award, was shortlisted for Portrait Photographer of the Year, traveled to India to shoot the most amazing street images and decided, his vocation as a Commercial Photographer, was meant to be. He resigned from the Police and never looked back.

Blanc Creative Commercial Photography Norwich

What we shoot and how we shoot it.

As an established Norwich Commercial photographer, Lee and his team work with a diverse range of businesses and agencies, either on white labels projects or directly with clients. They cover a full spectrum client base, from individuals working as sole traders, independent businesses and international brands. They’ve  genuinely worked either directly or indirectly with some of the most well known brands that you’d be familiar with and hundreds of amazing clients across every conceivable business sector.

Blanc Creative are either commissioned directly by clients or engaged by various leading Digital and Creative Agencies that operate on behalf of their clients and they have a proven track record for professionally imagery in the following sectors, to name just a few.

Branding and Marketing

A commercial Photographer can  delivering Powerful Media for printed and digital platforms.
Lee works directly with a range of different companies across a variety of industries, offering a wide range of branding and marketing photography. It’s a proven fact that high-quality branding photography enhances your company’s visual across all forms of media.

Even one photo can really change what people think about your brand. Basically, if your photos look bad, people might think your brand is bad too. But if you have really good, creative photos, it can make your brand look amazing.

Research shows that good photos make a big difference in getting people to buy from you. Good photos grab people’s attention, get your message across clearly, make people feel something, and leave a lasting impression. This can make more people want to buy from you, helping to increase your sales.

Blanc Creative Commercial Photography Norwich

Business Headshots, portrait photography and corporate profile images

Professional Headshot Photography can really show what your brand is all about, and the right photos can make people think very highly of your business. As a professional Commercial Photographer, Lee has dedicated a decade to working with people and business headshots are no exception. T

The Blanc Creative Portfolios include Business Headshots for clients across the UK in Norwich, London and Manchester, as well as international clients ion Zurich and even Dubai.

The Blanc Creative portraits are also highly tailored for Executives and Board Directors, to capture industry leaders both formally and informally for specific PR purposes and editorial press releases.

A portrait images of a Managing Director in a formal suit stands outside a London office looking towards the camera - Professional Business Portraits from Blanc Creative

A professional female wearing formal clothing sitting in a chair in a modern office in Manchester - Blanc Creative Professional Business Portraits

Inside the Factory.  Production Photography for Manufacturing cCompanies

These photos are great for showing off the hard work and detail that go into making your products. Whether it’s capturing the precision of machinery in action or the skill of your team at work, Lee’s photography can help tell the story of how your products come to life.

Using these kinds of photos can really boost how people see your business.

Lee Blanchflower has been documenting bohemath machines and hi tech manufacturing equipment for clients across the UK, both during build and while operating in the production and processing environments.

It’s not all just looking at the finished product; you’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at the craftsmanship and technology that makes your business stand out. It’s a powerful way to connect with customers and show the quality and pride behind what you offer.

Norwich Photography by Blanc Creative showing a machine building sprinkler. heads using automated machines

A factory production line used to fill bottles using state of the art machinery at Herrco Cosmetics - Manufacturing Photography Norwich from Blanc Creative

Science Photography, Research, Development and Laboratories.

In the world of science, research, development, and laboratory work, capturing the essence of innovation and progress is key.

Commercial photography in these areas goes beyond mere documentation; it brings to life the intricate processes, groundbreaking experiments, and the cutting-edge technologies that drive businesses forward.

Blanc creative have a proven track record across this sector. Headed by Norwich Photographer, Lee Blanchflower, the Blanc Team focus on the details that matter, from the precision of laboratory equipment to the intense focus of researchers at work.

commercial photography helps businesses showcase their capabilities and achievements in a visually compelling way.

Whether for marketing materials, annual reports, or online platforms, professional photography in the realms of science and research highlights a company’s commitment to advancement and excellence, helping to attract investors, partners, and clients who are interested in the cutting edge of development.\

Norwich Photographer for Research and development - Blanc Creative

Blanc Creative Commercial Photography Norwich

Research and Development Photographer Norwich

Norwich Photographer for Research and development - Blanc Creative

A seriously talented Commercial Photographer that specialises in Food Photography

Food Photography opens up a whole new world to Restaurants, Catering Businesses, Butcheries, Bakeries, Farm Shops and Deli’s. It’s especially important because it’s about making food look as delicious and inviting as possible.

As a Commercial Photographer who loves to be in the kitchen, Food Photography holds a specials p[lace in the portfolio section of Blanc Creative.

Think about it: when you see a mouth-watering photo of a dish, you’re more likely to want to try it. Good food photos can make menus more appealing, boost social media posts, and help restaurants and food brands stand out in a crowded market.

It’s not just about snapping a picture of a plate; it’s about capturing the colours, textures, and details that make you want to dig in.

We love natural light with no fuss anon gimmicks. We shoot your food as you’d want it to be seen.

Professional Photography for the Hospitality Sector

Blanc Creative Commercial Photography Norwich

Best Restaurants. Norwich Food Photography from Blanc Creative Norfolk

PR Photography and Editorial Commercial Photographer

PR and editorial photography are all about taking photos that tell a story or highlight a message for newspapers, magazines, blogs, and social media.

These images grab your attention and help you understand what the article or story is about before you even read the first line.

Good photos here can make a big difference. They can make someone stop and read your story in a world where we’re all scrolling through so much information every day.

Having high-quality images in your articles is crucial because people often remember what they see even more than what they read.

A powerful or beautiful image can stick in someone’s mind long after they’ve forgotten the details of the story.

Plus, good images can make your articles more shareable on social media, reaching more people and making more of an impact. In short, the right photo can turn a good article into a great one, attracting more readers and making the message more memorable.

Our Editorial imagery has been featured in The Sunday Times, Daily Mail, The Sun and many :coal publications.

Our work has even been published by Forbes via their digital platform.

Prince William stands on a polo field with his arms behind his back after competing in a charity polo match at a Polo Club in Norfolk - Freelance Press Photography services

Norwich Pr Photography from Blanc Creative. A press image of the Royal Norfolk Show - Lee Blanchflower

An editorial image of rocket Frankie Dettori with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber at a horse racing meeting. Frankie Dettori is about to race and is fastening his chin strap and Andrew Lloyd Webber is laughing - Lee Blanchflower Norwich Photographer for Blanc Creative

Kevin Bunting, Managing Partner for Lovewell Blake stands with Simon Watson, Corporate Services Partner outside the Norwich branch of Lovewell Blake Chartered Accountants and Financial Planning - Norwich Photography by Lee Blanchflower, Blanc Creative

PR Photography and Editorial Photography Norwich by Blanc Creative

Engineering Photography and Industrial Images

In the UK, there are over 700,000 companies that specialize in engineering, creating a huge variety of products and services. This bustling sector is full of talented people making everything from hi-tech machinery to computer chips.

Because of this diversity and the impressive work being done, there’s a big need for photography services. Photographers are hired to capture the wide range of products, the details of the services provided, and the skilled people behind all these projects.

Engineering photography helps showcase the innovation and hard work happening in the industry. Good photos can highlight the complexity and beauty of engineering projects, from the smallest gadget to the largest structure.

These images are not just for show; they help companies stand out in a competitive market, attract customers, and even inspire future engineers. It’s all about capturing the essence of engineering in a way that words alone cannot.

Norwich Photography by Blanc Creative showing a machine building sprinkler. heads using automated machines

Industrial Photography by Blanc Creative

Blanc Creative Commercial Photography Norwich

Concert Photography, Music and Festival Photographer


More than just music photography - Blanc Creative

‘More than Just Music’ does what it says on the tin… It’s a sub brand of Blanc Creative pitched wholly at concerts, gigs, festivals and the entertainment industry.

Blanc Creative stand out head and shoulders in Norwich and Norfolk as with undoubtedly the largest Music Portfolio of any local Music Photographer.

They don’t make that statement lightly. ‘More Than Just Music’ Brand showcases thirteen years of professional coverage at Events including Radio One Big Weekend, Latitude Festival,Sundown Festival, Isle of Wight Festival and eleven years as official photographer for Forestry England Forest Live concerts.

If you love bands and concerts, then ‘More than just Music’ is the place to go.

Photography Copyright : The Unseen cost. A copyrighted image of suede Front man, Brett Anderson kicking his leg in the air

Festival Photography and Concert Photographs from Blanc Creative

Taylor Swift singing on stage in Norwich at Big Weekend, posing with her hand on her hip

Press Photography for concerts and festivals by Blanc Creative

Event and Conference Photography

When planning an event or conference, capturing the moments that matter is essential. As an established Norwich Photographer, lee Blanchflower and the Blanc Creative Team have captured  the moments form the most intimate to grandeur social events and conferences in Norwich and across the UK.

offering professional services that ensure every significant moment is immortalised through stunning, high-quality images. Whether it’s a corporate event, a professional conference, or a business celebrating a landmark event or opening a new office, hiring a Norwich Photographer from Blanc Creative means entrusting your memories to someone who knows precisely how to capture the essence of your event.

Event Photography Norwich showing Justin Galliford, CEO of Norse Group, speaking at a business conference - Blanc Creative Norwich Photographer

Former Prime Minister, Liz Truss attended an agricultural event and meets with local business people at a round table event.

Norwich Event and Conference Photography by Lee Blanchflower, Norwich Photographer

Blanc Creative Commercial Photography Norwich

Construction Sector Photography

In the construction sector, documenting the progress and milestones of a project is crucial, and this is where the expertise of a Norwich Photographer comes into play. We bring a unique set of skills to capture the intricate details and overarching progress of construction projects.

From the early stages of groundwork to the final touches of a completed structure, they have the eye for capturing the hard work, precision, and teamwork that goes into each project. The Blanc Team will ensure your construction project is documented in a professional and visually compelling manner, providing a valuable record of development and achievements. Their photographs not only serve as a record of progress but also as a powerful tool for marketing, showcasing the capabilities and successes of your construction endeavors to potential clients and partners.

Blanc Creative Construction Industry Photography Norwich. A window fitter on a commercial construction site in Norfolk

Construction Industry Photography for commercial building sectors

Restoration work being carried out on the Newport Transporter Bridge - Blanc Creative Photography

Contacting Blanc Creative is very simple.

Investing in a Norwich Photographer that only specialises in commercial imagery and business video production services, means that you’re definitely in safe hands. If it’s a commercial project and you haven’t seen any photography that reflects what you;re looking for, contact the Blanc Creative Team Here and they will be thrilled to forward you examples of similar projects in the chosen field you’re after.

You’ll find our work on many sites including Forestry England, Lovewell Blake Chartered Accountants, The Norse Group, Great Yarmouth Racecourse,

To speak with Blanc Creative, you can email using E:, fill in the contact form directly from the Blanc Creative Website or speak with Lee Blanchflower non-person on M: 07871 364041

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