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7 Podcasting Trends that all Creators Need to Know

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Podcasting Trends. What’s happening now and how they’re changing the landscape of your audience.

The podcast game is changing faster than an F1 car on pole position and today we’re going to be pushing the accelerator on what’s stale in the industry and how Podcasting Trends are going to help your shows nd episodes as we head into summer.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out… So do read on.

1. Let’s Talk Learning. It Needs to be Fun.

Podcasting Trends for 2024 - Record your podcast shows and podcast episodes our mobile studio in Norwich or at our professional recording studios - Blanc Creative

It’s difficult to imagine that podcasts have literally become the new educational tool that’s replacing books.Educational Podcasting Trends are stealing the spotlight because easily listening encourages retention of facts. And to be fair, this method of learning works for me, in a way.

While podcasts have surged in popularity due to their convenience, accessibility, and the diversity of content available, they cater to a somewhat different experience compared to books. Podcasts offer audio content that can be consumed passively, while commuting, exercising, or doing the housework.

This makes them highly accessible for multitasking individuals. They cover a wide range of topics from news, education, storytelling, interviews, and more, but the knowledge podcasts impart are presented in a conversational tone.

This format appeals to listeners who prefer auditory learning or entertainment and appreciate the intimacy and immediacy of audio content.

Books, on the other hand, require active engagement, time and offer a different depth of exploration into topics, stories, and characters. Reading enhances imagination, concentration, and cognitive skills in ways distinct from listening to audio content.

The Podcasting Trends jury may be out, but if you’re looking to gain a little insight into a diverse range of subjects in order to hold a good conversation at your next dinner party or networking event., then you may be onto a winner.

2. AI: The Podcast Wingman

Blanc Creative are a specialist podcast production company in Norfolk. Meeting your Podcasting Trends in 2024

Now, let’s talk tech. AI has reach the world of Podcasting trends, sneaking into podcast production like a ninja, and it’s not all sci-fi. Think clearer sound, sharper editing, and even scripts that sound like they were written by Shakespeare himself. oh, did I just write that or could it have been something generated by AI?

As an experienced Podcast Producer and running a Video Production Company, we know the importance that sound plays in both film and Podcasts and I’ve listened to enough Podcasts to know when the sound is awful.

Bad sound is a distraction for me, but that’s just me. A warm, rich sounding podcast is like drinking a full bodied glass of red wine. If AI can help me cut down editing time and avoid sounding like I recorded in a tin can, I’m all in.

So if you want to be part of the Podcasting Trends and use AI over a sound technician who knows what they’re doing, take a Look at Adobe  Enhance. We’ll give you that one for free.

3. Get Clippy With Your Vertical Videos

Moving on to the marketing magic of short video clips. This Podcasting Trend is here to stay. It’s literally going nowhere.

Trying to make your mark and get the attention of your audience can be painful. It’s a lot of trial and error and for every 100 videos you post, you might get lucky and have one, blow up. We’ve posted short-form on TikTok and had a few hundred views and then post something similar and it hits 10’s of 1000’s.

Podcasting Trends this year are big on video, even if you’re capturing a tiny snapshot of content and overlays it with some engaging footage. These bite-sized trailers for your show are perfect for teasing your audience with the best bits.

4. Podcasting Trends. The Money Shots

The podcasting world is seeing new monetisation paths pop up like new housing estates .

We’re talking live shows that bring the magic right to your audience’s doorstep (or earstep?), sponsorships that feel more like partnerships, and even exclusive content that fans would gladly pay a few pounds for to subscribe to.

It’s an exciting time to be creative and, more importantly, get rewarded for it. Choosing a professional hosting platform like Megaphone also means you can dedicate ad space to bespoke areas of your podcast, in the places you choose.

5. The Live Experience

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There’s something very edgy about live podcasting. As pone of the Big Podcasting Trends, It’s raw, it’s real, and you have to be a bit of a risk taker to pull it off. But the results can be very worth it. The Live Experience  isn’t just about hitting ‘record’ and hoping for the best. Live podcasting is turning into an event, a moment where hosts and listeners come together in real-time.

It’s not just a show; it’s an experience, creating memories and connections that static episodes can’t reach, especially if you combine the podcast with your video feeds on platforms including Insta and TikTok.

6. Podcasting Trends Work Better Together

Podcast swaps are like the new business handshake and part of a broader trend in the content creation space where creators leverage each other’s audiences to grow their own. This collaborative approach is not only effective for growth but also builds  a sense of community and mutual support among creators. Iyt’s not about hogging the limelight. There’s definitely enough room for everybody. Hosts guesting on each other’s shows, sharing audiences, and boosting reach. it’s a no-brainer really.

You have to think of this as networking Think of it as networking, but cooler and with more microphones. It’s a community feel that that not only brings fresh voices to your show but also sends your listeners on a journey to discover more content they’ll love.

7. Seeing is Believing

7 Podcasting Trends that all Creators Need to Know

We’ve already touched on this above but last but not least, we’re talking video podcasts. Adding video to the mix isn’t just about catching YouTube views. It’s about creating a richer, more immersive experience.

Look into any of the top Trending Podcasts out there and you;ll see that the audio versions are ‘Always’ accompanied by catchy teaser videos. more often than not, with exclusive video content as either an add-on or exclusively for paid subscription members. Take a look at Jake Humphrey’s High Performance, Steven Bartlett’s DOAC and The Joe Rogan Experience for some expert Podcast Trending tips.

The podcast landscape in 2024 is vibrant, innovative, and more accessible than ever. Whether you’re in it for the knowledge, the technology or just for the money these Podcasting trends are current and worth picking from if you’re looking to up your podcast game.

If you’re thinking about podcast ideas for your business and would like to take plunge and turn your idea into a show, then we’d genuinely love to hear from you and there’s no time like now!

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