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About Blanc Creative

Want to know about us? In a nutshell, our approach at Blanc Creative is straightforward: we create stunning photographs, compelling promo films, and professional podcasts for businesses of all sizes, at competitive prices. It really is as simple as that.  

Lee Blancflower Blanc Creative - Photography, Video and Podcast production Norwich

Lee Blanchflower

A former police sergeant and evidence gather on the Norfolk Police Support Unit, Lee took a huge risk and a career break in 2011 to pursue a career as a professional photographer. In 2013, he won the SWPP ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’ Award and over the next decade, rubbed shoulders with international music artists, celebrities and even the Royal Family. In an ever evolving landscape, Lee diversified into Video Production, Drone Operation and Podcast Production, working with clients across the UK and internationally. You can learn more about Lee, the history of Blanc Creative and our work, by simply clicking here.

Norwich University of the Arts
Lee Blanchflower Awards

Alfie Blanchflower

Alfie joined the Blanc Creative Team, as an apprentice studying on the ‘content creator’ programme. Having absolutely smashed through his coursework to earn a distinction and a nomination for Apprentice of the Year 2023, Alfie’s ability to soak up information like a creative sponge, means that he’s become an integral part of the team, both as a camera operator and with a natural flare for colour grading.

Alfie Blanchflower Awards
A Blanc Creative camera operator in Norwich holding a Sony FX3 video camera rig and filming
Phil Shaw Digital Designer

Phil Shaw

Phil Shaw is a highly skilled and versatile professional with a diverse range of talents in digital media, design, and marketing. Graduating from Norwich University of the Arts with first-class honors in Games Art and Design, Shaw has established himself as a formidable figure in the field of digital design. His proficiency spans across several key areas including Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and Graphic Design​

Norwich University of the Arts
Wharton School
Penn State

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