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Sting concert photography 2024. Sting performs a headline set at Thetford Forest Live - Photography by Lee Blanchflower, Blanc Creative

Forest Live 2024

Date: June 23, 2024
Location: Thetford, Norfolk

Objective: Photography


Sting Concert Photography from the heart of Thetford Forest

I’ve never had the chance to capture Sting Concert Photography, so I was pretty excited about what to expect despite being relegated to the mixer desk with no access to the pit at front of stage.

I’ve been the official photographer at Thetford Forest High Lodge for 11 years and I have say, this gig would be in the top three concerts, I’ve ever photographed at this iconic location.

String. performed an incredible back catalogue of hits. He looked incredible and sounded amazing. If you get the opportunity to watch his on his extensive tour this year, go for it… You won’t regret it!

There’s a full review of the concert on the Blanc Creative News Page but for now, here’s a brief glimpse of Sting Concert Photography and a few atmospheric images from Forest Live 2024.

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