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Blanc Creative Commercial Photography Norwich
Date: April 9, 2024

Objective: Photography


More Than Just Music – Norwich’s Professional Music Photographer shooting the world’s best music artists for over ten years.

‘More than Just Music,’ the brainchild of Blanc Creative owner, Lee Blanchflower, transcends the typical boundaries of music photography, standing as a testament to the power of capturing the essence of live music.

Based in Norwich, this powerhouse of professional music photography boasts an impressive portfolio that includes an impressive roster of international artists, distinguishing itself as the area’s premier destination for music photography.

With over a decade of experience in festival and concert photography, Professional Music Photographer, Lee Blanchflower, has been a regular face at festivals including:

Radio One’s Big Weekend / Latitude Festival / Sundown Festival / Let’s Rock / Isle of Wight Festival & Rock n Roll Circus and has been the in-house Photographer for Forest Live concerts for eleven years. His work has been published in newspapers including The Times / Sunday Times / Daily Mail / The Sun.

The acclaim ‘More than Just Music’ has achieved is not confined to the borders of the United Kingdom; its photography has been purchased by the iconic Hard Rock Cafe in the USA and has graced the pages of Rolling Stone Magazine, signalling its international appeal and recognition.

‘More than Just Music’ is not just a service; it’s a celebration artistry, and the unforgettable moments that occur when the two collide and are immortalised by a professional music photographer.




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