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The Chance to shoot some Taylor Swift Photography in Norwich!

Taylor Swift performs on stage at a concert in Norwich at the Radio 1 Big Weekend in 2015

When I hearth news it was like “Seriously. Taylor Swift, in Norwich.” I did not want to miss out on something like this. Grammy Award Winning Taylor Swift is as huge as it gets in music and has won loads of awards, like several Grammys.

She’s known for her great songwriting, which tells stories that lots of people can relate to, an d an awesome stage performance which has made her the number 1 female artist on the planet.

Successful in country music, pop, and even indie genres is pretty impressive. She’s more than just a singer; she’s a major influence on today’s music scene and millions of young people all over the world.

Fans love her music because she keeps it real and switches up her style, keeping things fresh and exciting and as a photographer, Taylor Swift Photography up close is a rare opportunity.

Radio 1’s Big Weekend came to Norwich in 2015 and our retrospective is one of the most exciting we’ve done.

Personally,(and running the risk of some backlash here) I think that shooting Taylor Swift Photography over the Foo Fighters is something I’d choose to do every time, despite the Foo’s headlining the Norwich Concert being streamed live across the UK.

At the time I was working as a Freelancer for a well known International Press agency, and shooting as a professional Music Photographer in Norwich, doesn’t actually get to happen that often. Usually, It’s a case of travelling the length and breadth of the country, jumping on ferries, and sitting in large queues, usually on bank holiday weekends.

2015 saw, the Radio 1 Big Weekend literally 15 minutes from my home.

Taylor Swift singing on stage in Norwich at Big Weekend, posing with her hand on her hip

Taylor swift in concert in Norwich headlining the Radio 1 Big Weekend Concert

The 25-year-old superstar was in the city for the Earlham Park Event, but also managed to sneak in a little sightseeing before her gig.

Chatting with Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw, she mentioned that visiting Norwich really took her back to her childhood days on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania.

She loved the green grass, the mix of wooden and stone fences, and the charming old church graveyards around the city.

She said the old English countryside was “really beautiful” and reminded her a lot of home.

During the interview, Taylor also shared that no matter how many shows she does around the world, she still gets those pre-show jitters.

Taylor Swift singing headlining on stage and singing at a concert in Norwich

Taylor Swift performing on stage and holding a microphone

Taylor Swift strikes a pose on stage poses with her hand to her ear at Big Weeknd Concert in Norwich

I was prepped for a busy night. Swift, a headline act with a huge stage presence, drew massive screaming crowds, and capturing her performance through the lens from the press pit and not the lighting desk as was normal, was an incredible opportunity that happens so rarely.

It wasn’t just about getting the right shots but capturing the essence of how she performs, something I strive to reflect in all my work over the years. it was probably the once in a lifetime chance to shoot some amazingly close-up Taylor Swift Photography and unlikely to ever happen again .

Taylor Swift’s performance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend was genuinely up there as one of the best music moments I’ve had over a career spanning a decade.

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