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Bland Creative Music Photography at London Roundhouse photographing Suede in concert with Brett Anderson

Splash News Press Agency

Date: April 19, 2024
Location: The Roundhouse, London

Objective: Photography


Suede perform Night Thoughts and a two set spectacular

We often post retrospective work and new images we’ve never released from our Norwich Music Photography archive.

This week Blanc Creative are going back 8 years into our archives and publishing some never before seen images. He’d not seen Suede perform since they’d released Dog Man Star back in 1094 and they performed at Cambridge Corn Exchange .

It’s not very often that you ever get more then three songs, no flash, but on this occasion, the music photographers were allowed to shoot what would be a dynamic Brett Anderson performance.

It would be a night that captured an electrifying Suede Concert showcasing their latest album “Night Thoughts” in its entirety, performed behind a screen that displayed an evocative 50-minute film directed by acclaimed NME photographer Roger Sargent.

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